About the Team

At Three Counties Office Furniture, we pride ourselves on having a friendly, hardworking and responsive team. We all have a role which is vital to the day to day running’s of the company. We all take our work place roles seriously and strive for success in all aspects of our working environment.

James – Has had a number of small companies and is a real entrepreneur. He understands without hard work there’s NO success and as a leader of the firm it's inspiring to have a director who is prepared to get his hands dirty on either deliveries or office clearances, James will not shy away from hard work.

Laura – Her background is in beauty and managing a spa of 5 girls. Laura understands the clients needs and wants from initial contact and specialises in after care. Laura has demonstrated with hard work she can achieve sheer excellence in her work life. “Being trustworthy and loyal are not always common thing to find and that’s why she is truly a vital and key member to the team” – James (director)

Shane- With a history of 3 different careers and having multiple teams of guys on various sites, there isn’t much that can deter him from the task in hand. He has a history of furniture repair so with his knowledge there isn’t much he cannot achieve. Shane and James work hand in hand on jobs and in James’ words, “I wouldn’t be here without Shane! He’s my right hand man”

All of our team would like to thank you for getting to know us that little bit better. Three Counties; the company that cares!

Family Tree

Family Tree