Repurpose- Less Waste, More Purpose


As part of our commitment to reduce waste, we have partnered with local homelessness charity, Faithworks Wessex. The charity provides a range of projects to support ex-rough sleepers in learning new skills and to help give them a sense of purpose.

We donate any furniture or materials that would otherwise be recycled, and that can be used to furnish properties or repurposed in their carpenter’s workshop. This is a partnership we are particularly proud of and will continue to develop moving forward.

Fair Pay

We are proud to say that we are an accredited Living Wage Employer as certified by the Living Wage Foundation. We believe that everyone has the right to fair pay, a wage which is enough to live on. In 2023 we were shortlisted for the Living Wage Awards, showing our commitment to a fair wage and creating a hospitable environment for our staff is paramount. 

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