Our Impact

At Three Counties we are committed to providing high quality sustainable office furniture. We aim to reuse or repurpose all office furniture we collect and believe it's important to promote the positive impact that this brings to our planet, and its people.

We understand that our business has an impact on the environment, and we will continue to manage and improve our processes to operate in a more sustainable way. Below we have highlighted some of the steps we have taken so far in our journey to become a more sustainable business.

Environmental Impact

Renewable Energy


In 2021, we made the switch to renewable energy. This means that the energy we use in our office and warehouse is now generated from the planet's natural resources, such as the sun or wind.


We provide a 100% paperless journey for every customer. All the information we need is gathered online. When it comes to quoting jobs, we do this remotely, through video calls, messaging and emails, to reduce travel and save time for everyone.

Collection & Delivery

The transportation and distribution of our furniture is arguably one of the higher impact areas of our business. For this reason, we have a number of measures in place to reduce our impact... 

No more single drops: We have increased our delivery time frame to allow us to combine as many deliveries as possible.

Packaging: None of our used products are repackaged for delivery. We are, however, using plastic bags to keep all the screws and fixings safe, whilst we search for a better alternative. 

Courier Network: We have recently reduced the travel distance for our vans to a more local setting. For deliveries further afield we utilise a network of courier systems that are already going to the area. 

Speed Restriction: Our vans have been speed restricted to limit fuel consumption, and more importantly keep both us and the public safe


Where furniture is damaged, broken or not fit for repurpose, we must resort to recycling. All furniture is broken down to its most basic form before being sent to their respective recycling centres. We avoid landfill where possible, but naturally we will need to dispose of general waste from time to time. Although a very small part of what we do, we will be looking at way to limit or reduce this. 

Our Carbon footprint

With the help of Clear Purpose Consultancy, we were able to measure our carbon footprint, setting a baseline year. We want to take responsibility for our impact, and to do that, we need to understand our footprint and measure, monitor, and manage our carbon moving forward.

Included in our result is the carbon emitted from fuels and energy, business travel, employee commuting and waste disposal.

This is a great starting point for us to expand the scope of our measurement and to take accountability for our emissions.


The TCOF Forest


Having already made some important changes within our operations to reduce our impact (such as switching to renewable energy), and to offset our emissions, we have partnered with Ecologi to start planting our very own TCOF forest. Watch it grow at the link below!