Three Counties

Three Counties was started to solve a problem. James (director) had a valeting business and need to an office. Once an office was found the next step was office furniture so James hunted high and low and found ………NOTHING! He went to his local barbers in Ferndown “Ferndown Barbers” – Brents! And after leaving with his fresh trim he noticed that a local estate agents was shutting down. He approached the guys in the office and asked if he could purchase some items for his office. The guys were quick to respond with “Only if you buy the whole office”. This office had 8 desks, 8 chairs, 2 filing cabinets and 8 sets of drawers. The charge was going to be £150.00 which James saw as a cheap deal. He shook the guy by the hand and the deal was done. After nipping home to off load the van of all the valeting equipment he was straight back to the estate agents with screw driver in hand.

On the arrival back to his office with the Grubby Car van loaded to eyes of stock, he did what any entrepreneur would do….. Call his father to help him take it up 2 flights of stairs. Jim (father) on the arrival quizzed James with the famous words of “what have you done now Del-boy?” and with a cheeky grin he revealed a van full of what Jim called “firewood”. James claimed he was going to sell all stock he didn’t need. True to his word, James sold all the office furniture which was spare……. Including his desk that he set aside for himself…… so back to square one again.

Sat at a friends of his, James found on eBay 33 office desks for sale and was quick to buy it now. Again called his trusty father up and went to his local van rentals (Abacus Van Hire) and rented a Luton van and they set sail to Bristol for the deal. On arrival they were quick to realise that it wasn’t 33 desks….. It was 33 desks, 33 chairs, 33 drawers…… So James and his father loaded the van and they returned home.

Once back to James’s small office they were quick to realise they wouldn’t fit all these items in so they decided as some of the other offices in the same building weren’t let they would break in to them and store over spill furniture in there. Also toilets and the kitchen were areas used to store items too. James would often get calls from his Landlord demanding who else had been in the building as offices were full of furniture which James was quick to respond “ it must be one of my friends has put my items in the wrong place” which the landlord said “ But James, these rooms were locked!”

This story shows the length that James will go to, to provide his clients with well-priced stock and an amazing service.

James is a wild character who always has a Cheshire Cat smile on his face and wont shy away from a job or problem. He is truly one of a kind and we love working with him other when he’s on his mobile in the office as he talks SO LOUD and never shuts up!  - Laura & Shane (soon to be sacked)